Client centricity for IQED means relentless enthusiasm and insistence that any new service must serve the client's needs rather than be the sole driver for short-term profit. We see this alongside our technological focus of constantly refining platforms and systems as key differentiators for our business.

As robust corporate governance policy reaffirms our passion for client centricity and coupled with our fundamental processes results in a commitment from all members of staff to treat all our stakeholders as important customers. All teams have the belief that such an approach is vital for a sustainable business that prides itself on service excellence.

Our governance policy supports our belief that a well governed company is one that is accountable and transparent to its shareholders, employees, creditors, customers and the wider society. Internally we have centralised core values and key messages to demonstrate our high levels of integrity.

Adding value for our clients through processes that ensure quality decision-making, accountability and effective scrutiny along with the monitoring and measuring of performance from an internal and external perspective has improved our performance.

As part of the governance policy we:-

  • Encourage regular collaboration with teams to develops shared knowledge and learning that supports mutual commitment to each other and our customers;
  • Have in place robust audit protocols that provide clarity and core competancies that allow us to redefine the way we expect our staff to behave thus reinforcing the culture;
  • Actively encourage individuals through training and structure 1-2-1's to set ourselves the highest standards and to seek continuous improvement;
  • Reward long term performance for team performers who support shareholder value;
  • Encourage client feedback;
  • Continuously refine cohesive policies, training and processes for each area of the business.

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