Accident Investigations

QED Accidents is one of the UK's leading providers of legal support services.

Our field representatives are industry trained professionals. We are conversant with all aspects of personal injury litigation processes and The Civil Procedure Rules. We understand the needs and business objectives of our clients and continually strive to exceed their expectations.

We provide a genuine nationwide service and pride ourselves on our professional and ethical approach and attention to detail - and we never compromise on quality.

We interview Claimants on a face-to-face basis, thereby offering a personal service which also ensures that no stone is left unturned during the process of preparing comprehensive liability and/or quantum witness statements. We also prepare statements for independent witness; carers; police officers; employers; or any other party potentially involved in the litigation process.

Our strict service levels ensure that witness statements are delivered quickly and in the case of tight deadlines, such as those imposed by court orders, we can respond within days.

Our representatives conduct face-to-face interviews but will undertake interviews by telephone when necessary. They use their practical experience and knowledge to procure evidence which is meaningful and addresses the issues; so you do not pay for witness statements which are irrelevant or fall short of your requirements.

All witness statements are CPR compliant and each one is proof-checked to ensure the highest standards - both in terms of technical content and presentation - before being sent electronically to our instructing solicitor.

Our services range from CFA delivery and tracing, to the procurement of witness evidence in complex cases.

  • Competitive Fees
  • Deferred Payment Facility
  • No-win/No-fee Terms

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If you would like to know more about the services our Accident Investigations Department can provide then please contact us at:

Tel: 0344 902 8300


Locus Reporting

We can attend the Locus en quo of a Road Traffic Accident and thereafter can provide detailed drawings, photographs and measurements of the scene along with a detailed and informative report which highlights many factors that would otherwise be unknown. This could play a crucial part in the successful outcome of any claim but more importantly it will be a valuable and visual aid to assist your case.

We will produce a sketch plan; photographic evidence and a detailed accident scene report, suitable for disclosure and use at trial.

Our report will contain the following information

  • Computerised map of the accident location;
  • Accident checklist - including speed limit, road markings and other background information about the location;
  • Three computerised colour sketches including directions of travel, measurements and photograph positions;
  • Digital photographs with full narrative showing each party's direction of travel and views across the accident location;

Expert Witness Statements

Accurate and objective witness evidence is vital in any litigation claim.

We interview witnesses and prepare comprehensive liability and/or quantum witness statements for either Claimants or Defendants. We also prepare statements for independent witnesses; carers; police officers; employers; or any other party potentially involved in the litigation process.

All of our witness statements are formatted to suit the needs of the individual case and are CPR compliant.

Copy witness statements are sent electronically to our clients together with a covering report immediately after drafting.

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